Wednesday, 16 June 2010

The New Paolo Lucidi & Luca Pevere design for Foscarini

Any time that Foscarini  launches a new lighting range there is considerable excitement and interest in the world of interior design. When that new launch is a Lucidi e Luca Pevere there is even more excitement particularly here at the IDC.
Named Aplomb, according to Foscarini the challenge was create an incredible leap of scale: from large architectural constructions to a little suspension lamp with a thickness of just a few millimetres at its finest point, with the additional challenge of using concrete - a material that is renowned for being inflexible. The challenge has been met with impeccable ‘aplomb’, thanks to the use of special concrete that is particularly fluid when moulding and then creates a material effect that is both rough and, at the same time, elegant.
We can introduce to the best interior designers who will help you to create schemes such as direct, precise lighting on occasional tables, peninsulas and counters, alone or in a multiple compositions. We can also help find you the best deals on Foscarini lighting.


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