Friday, 4 June 2010

Ulf Moritz Carpets

We love the designs and colours of Ulf Moritz carpet collection for Vorwerk.

The collection has been divided into 6 thrilling ‘worlds of colour’. Each world of colour encompasses 12 design variations filled with suspense. Fully in alignment with his sense of aesthetic room design, Ulf Moritz has banked on refined, high-grade materials such as various wool and wool-blend products. He then proceeds to turn them into stylishly elegant articles by working with their colours to create a high level of appeal.

This luxurious collection is available as wall-to-wall carpeting and as area rugs in the customer’s desired format. An extensive assortment of borders is also available exclusively for the area rugs.

We can provide you with the best advice to help you chose the right carpet for your room and introduce you to great interior designers who well get you the best deals on Vorwerk carpets.

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