Tuesday, 18 May 2010

‘One of the best things in life’. You’ll never guess

 “One of the best things in life is….. choosing new furniture.”* Really? Not to put too fine a point on it but actually I think I’d be a bit concerned for any friends or colleagues at the IDC who came out with anything like that despite their interest in and our passion for interior design.  We would go so far to say it is extremely important to get sound independent, professional advice when choosing new furniture so that it proves to be a purchase of which you can be justifiably proud as well as one of the best decisions you make.

We can help you not only get suitable advice but also suggest sources for what you’re looking for and then of course broker the deal so that you may be able to buy your furniture at a better price than you would otherwise. And that applies also to soft furnishing, lighting, decorative objects.

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