Friday, 23 April 2010

Book of the Week: Nicky Haslam's Sheer Opulence

This weeks IDC’s book of the week has to be the softback version of Nicky Haslam’s Sheer Opulence launched this week.

We all know Nicky Haslam is courted by rock stars, royalty and the aristocracy alike. His interiors are known to have opulence and a touch of chutzpah. Haslam rooms look glamorous and sexy, yet liveable, practical, and above all flattering to their owner and their surroundings. Effects such as silver-papered ceilings, slashed leather curtains and Picasso-inspired fabric footstools are often cited as representing his approach. The mix of deeply serious, grand and impressive with glamour, charm and above all wit, is the Haslam trademark. Sheer Opulence reveals Nicholas Haslam’s decorating secrets and instinctive approach to interiors in a visual diary.

The best recommendation for his book however comes from Victoria Coren writing in The Observer about the hardback version back in 2002: Haslam ‘ is different enough to be perfectly safe. The danger of design tyranny is an identikit world where we all speak of finials and have the same wall-mounted cherubs that you see on Changing Rooms. There is something immoral about a mass influence of people's taste. But read Haslam's book and enjoy - for none of our homes will ever, ever, ever look like his.’

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