Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Grey and Wiser... I mean whiter

Interior designer Alice Cottrell was interviewed by Elle Decor and explained how she turned her cramped apartment into a chic, free-flowing space. The conclusion and advice that we can get from the article are:
• To create a spacious feeling, Cottrell cleaned house. She removed all interior doors and thresholds, raised doorways to the ceiling, and paved the entire unit in waxed concrete to maintain visual flow.
• Allowing a single fabric to dominate the decoration is another visual trick. Cottrell chose a velvety material to cover two primary pieces of furniture—a custom-designed sofa and Eero Saarinen’s classic Womb chair. The home’s grey-and-white palette enhances the open atmosphere too.
• Completing renovations over time can be easier on your wallet. “I figured out what I needed to change as I became more familiar with the apartment,” Cottrell says. “And doing the work in phases allowed me to save for what I really wanted. I used $30 rolling racks for my clothes until I could afford my Poliform closet.”

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Source: Elle Decor

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